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Dlamini Dlamini 360 Flip PHOTO SAM CLARK web
Photo by Sam Clark

You were featured in the recent AV Skateboarding Issue 11 video. What were some of the highlights and lowlights of filming your part?
Yeah man, it was a real challenge for me. It was my first proper video part, so I was stoked on it. Highlights: Damn! Traveling around S.A. It was really cool. I got to skate a lot of different spots and met some rad new people. Chilled vibes. Lowlights: Getting busted by rent-a-cops and not landing a few of my tricks. That’s about it.

Take us through an average day in the life of Dlamini.
Man, I’m a very chilled guy. Everything’s about skating. Normally I wake up around 6. All 19 of my brothers and sisters make way too much noise before they go to school. From there, I usually call up homies and plan the day. If I’m not cruising through the city, I’m at the Revolution park. I’m always listening to music. Gotta have that Talib Kweli banging in my eardrum.

How do you feel about skating in the Pro division at the upcoming Maloof Money Cup? Any concerns or reservations, or are you just going to go out there and blow everyone away?
Too hyped! It’s going to be a good experience skating with the people I have looked up to all my life.

Do you have any plans for the rest of the year, like more filming, photo shoots, touring, etc.?
Leaving for California after Maloof. I’m really amped. When I’m that side I’m going to be skating in contests and pretty much just experiencing life over there.