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Gavin Adams Switch Tre PHOTO SAM CLARK web
Photo by Sam Clark. Well done on your placing in the Red Bull Manny Mania contest in New York. Do you think that your trip has had any influence on your skill on a board?
Yeah, I learnt a lot of new stuff that side, just from hanging out with all those guys. I was hanging out with a lot of the pro’s and am’s.

Take us through an average day in the life of Moses Adams.
When I wake up, I take a shower, go to the shop, get some food and stuff, then skate the whole day. After that I usually just chill for a bit, then maybe skate again. Then I’ll get up the next day and go skate again.

How do you feel about skating in the Pro division at the upcoming Maloof Money Cup? Any concerns or reservations, or are you just going to go out there and blow everyone away?
I’m a bit nervous for that. I don’t really know what to expect. I just hope that I can skate the park as well as the pro’s do. It’s going to be a really cool experience, but still kind of scary.

Do you have any plans for the rest of the year, like more filming, photo shoots, touring, etc.?
Well, Volcom said there might be another tour coming up, so I don’t know when that’s happening. I hope soon, because I want to go touring again. It’s just nice going out to other places.