Skateboarding for Hope- Cape Town

The Skateboarding for Hope Tour arrived to a beautiful day in Cape Town to a sick street course that Jamie O’Brien and his team put together at Canal Walk.
Over 40 kids entered the jam session for a chance at cash for tricks and a shot at the wildcard entry for Maloof Money Cup Am. The amount of great skating that went down was incomprehensible! Some standout skaters include Wesley Schroeder, Alan Adams, Joubert van Staden, and JP du Preez, just to name a few. Jean-Marc Johannes was rifiling insane tricks like half cab noseslide 270 heelflip out as well as half cab noseslide big heel out. Shuaib Philander pulled some rad tricks like kickflip back tail on the out ledge and walked out with a pretty nasty cut as well! Kanya Spani’s back lip on the ledge, back smith back 180 out and front shuv to back nosegrind along with the best overall skating earned him the wildcard!


1) Kanya Spani (Wildcard Winner)
2) Jean-Marc Johannes
3) Shuaib Philander

Carol from Acts of Random Kindness South Africa brought a group of eager kids to Canal Walk to learn how to skate and were given 25 free skateboards courtesy of Element!

Overall, R5000 cash was handed out to over 10 skaters who laid down the craziest tricks along with the top 3 skaters from the 16 and under and 17 and over divisions!

Shout outs go to Gavin from Boogaloos, Sharon Lewis and Johann van Schalkwyk along with everyone from Northrn Cape Tourism, Markus at Old School Productions, Kumba Iron Ore, Element, Von Zipper, Iron Fist, Dickies, Converse, and Monster Energy for providing sound!

Thanks to everyone for making this year such an amazing experience, see you next year!

Check out the video for some footage from the event!


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