Act of Boredom team takes January Mini All City

Brad Balie Kickflip Brad Balie Kickflip
The Maloof team was stoked to welcome the return of the local favorite “Mini All City” teams competition to Kimberley in 2013. The Mini All City is a smaller version of MMC’s All City contest that first took place at MMC South Africa in 2012. 11 teams of 3 skaters showed up with hopes of taking their piece of over R3000 worth of cash and product prizes.

Stuart Walker, who skated the All City contest back in September representing Pretoria, made it down to Kimberley with his crew of rippers from Bloemfontein, which added some extra competition for the day. Unfortunately, Stuart’s team didn’t make the cut past the qualifiers, but we were psyched that him and his guys made it out to check out the contest! We also had a few more All City alumni in the house including Martin Kotze, Gerhard Botha, and Dillon “DBH” Hartzenburg that represented Kimberley in the All City contest. Gerhard held it down with some sick skating for his team, “Washing Powder”, but also did not make it to the semifinals.

The biggest threat of the contest was the “Act of Boredom” clothing team, who took home the first place prize during the last Mini All City in November. With the consistency and bag of tricks from Theo Setsetse, Martin Kotze, and Brad Balie, it was tough for the other teams to compete. Their main competition was the “Digital Kids” team, consisting of Llewellyn Botha, Jino Modise, and DBH, who also skated the Maloof Am back in September. DBH killed it in the tech section for the qualifiers, which cemented their team’s spot as a hot competitor for the day.

The Bloemfontein team also held it down with Suedolf Odendaal’s first try noseslide and ollie down the big 4, but were not enough to take out the Act of Boredom team in the first round. Other action down the big 4 included an ollie by Jacques Reynecke, and the big banger of the day, a kickflip by 11 year old Brad Balie which earned him a KFD deck for the best trick of the contest. Lew and Jino killed it in the first round which helped their point total carry them into second place and R750, and only a few points behind Act of Boredom, who undoubtedly deserved the R1000. The Core, including Jacques Reynecke, Chris Thorn, and Morne de Kock from Namibia, was right behind the Digital Kids and took home R500.

Thanks to everyone who came out to skate and check out the contest, especially the crew of guys who made the haul from Bloemfontein. Thanks to Warrick and Talitha for helping out with judging and registration. Check below for the results and photo gallery!

1) Act of Boredom (R1000)
-Brad Balie
-Theo Setsetse
-Martin Kotze

2) Digital Kids (750)
-Dillon “DBH” Hartzenburg
- Llewellyn Botha
- Jino Modise

3) The Core (R500)
-Morne de Kock
-Will Jenkins
-Jacques Reynecke

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