Crazy weekend at the Kimberley Plaza

After 2 weeks of rainy Fridays and Saturdays, we were finally able to continue with our monthly schedule and hosted our long anticipated Game of Skate competition, Mini Ramp Jam, and December Skate Jam on the medium section of the skatepark.

For most of the locals it was a relief that 7x Game of Skate winner Theo Setsetse was on holiday in Botswana, it left anyone at a chance of winning! We saw lots of good skating from Enrique Ortell and one of Kimberley’s most talented female skaters, Olivia Feilding, who made it to the semifinals! Katz Morena and Alec Balie were some other skaters to watch out for but in the end it was Will Jenkins and the 2 cousins, Jacques Reynecke and Dylan Niemand, that made it to the finals. Will Jenkins’ fs flips and nollie flips were some of the tricks that sent Dylan and Jaqcques to 2nd and 3rd place.

We held the December Skate Jam shortly after the game of skate had ended with prizes for beginners and advanced divisions. For the beginners division we saw a lot of killer skating but in the end it was Alec Balie, Darren Joseph, and Kwabena that stood out. Kwabenas nollie big spin off the A-Frame and ollie down the 5 were a few tricks that earned him a new deck and 3rd place. The advanced division was tough to judge, as always. Once again there was tons of shredding that went down but in the end it was Brad Balie, DBH, Chris Thorn and Martin Kotze that took the top 4. Martin Kotze had some creative manual tricks like manual all the way down to rock fakie on the quarter and manual up and down the big 4 hubba. We saw some big skating from Brad like ollie down the big 4 hubba and some sick grab tricks from Chris Thorn on the quarter pipe and the A-frame. DBH stood out with lipslide and kickflip to flat on the A-Frame and a 50-50 down the 5 stair. It was an insane session that capped off a nice break before the holidays.

December Skate Jam Results

1) Kwabena
2) Darren Joseph
3) Alec Balie

1) Martin Kotze
2) Dillon “DBH” Hartzenburg
3) Chris Thorn
4) Brad Blie

Game of Skate Results

1) Will Jenkins (Flip deck)
2) Dylan Niemand (Dakine bag)
3) Jacques Reynecke (Toy Machine wheels)

Mini Ramp Contest
1) Alec Balie
2) Will Meleng
3) Bibi Hassan

1) Brad Balie
2) Damian Bramley
3) Jacques Reynecke
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