Funisu Tour: Kimberley

SA Pro Skater Wandile Msomi and the Funisu guys consisting of Sechaba the Bakersman, Maanda Muluazi, Sam Khumalo, and photographer Mooki arrived in Kimberley on Friday afternoon to a beaming hot sun and a crowded park. It didn’t stop Wandile from rifling off a nollie 270 to front tail on the bank to ledgeright out of the car! Maanda and Sam were killing the A-Frame without hesitation. Maanda’s waist-high nollie flips and nollie heels were blowing minds! Check the rad photo of the nollie flip that Martin Kotze shot. The guys continued to film throughout the day and battled the hot sun for the next few hours.

The next day was the Mini All City contest. Wandile was kind enough to help judge throughout the day while the rest of the guys rested until the sun went down. Wandile made it clear at the beginning of the day that pushing mongo would result in point deduction! I think it really helped a few of the locals to start pushing proper; we’ve seen improvement in a few skaters’ step since Saturday. After the contest was over and the sun went down, Sechaba and Wandile got a few rad lines in. Keep an eye out for the footage in an online Funisu clip coming soon! The guys skated til about 11pm and decided it was time to cut a rug on the dance floor so we headed to Lil John’s favorite night club in Kimberley- Kim by Night. We’ll just say it was fun.

Sunday’s heat was probably the most ruthless throughout the weekend, but it was the last day that the guys had to buckle down and get some street footage. It was cool to get out of the skatepark for the day and check out a few of Kimberley’s best skate spots. We need to do this more often! The guys came out with some clips and Mooki snapped a few sick photos. Look for some coverage of the weekend in issue 51 of Session Magazine, coming soon!

Thanks to Wandile for bringing his crew down to the plaza for the weekend and stoking the kids out along with lending his time to help judge the Mini All City contest. It was a productive weekend for the Funisu team and we’re stoked that Kimberley was a stop on the first Funisu tour!


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