Kimberley Skaters Get Paid!

We left the local shredders TIRED after this weekend! The Maloof Plaza in Kimberley, South Africa was a hub of activity this weekend. Since the rain last Saturday left us with no option but to reschedule the November skate jam, it took place on Friday. Friday also consisted of the mini ramp jam contest for both beginners and advanced divisions.
Saturday was a hot one! Shade was a rare and valuable commodity and only the most dedicated skaters came out ‘early’ (trust us, 2pm is early when the sun was that hot!) to enter the game of skate competition. If you’ve been keeping up with our previous entries, the winner of this game of skate should come as no surprise (but we’ll leave you in suspense for another minute until you scroll down and find out for yourself). Following the game of skate was the tricks for cash jam. The locals love this one, especially because it gives almost everyone a chance to come up on some cash! We awarded R500 total in cash to the beginner’s division and R1000 total for the advanced division.  The guys (and one girl) put it all on the line; it was such a fun session! Check the video for some of the highlights of the contest.
Sunday was much more mellow compared to the previous 2 days, but we still put these guys to the test for a chance at some rad prizes. We hosted the kickflip contest and the highest ollie contest on Sunday and a few guys came up on some cool stuff.
Scroll down for results from all the weekend's contests and be sure to check the photo gallery and video clip from all the highlights of the weekend. Thanks to everyone who helped, competed, and made the weekend possible!
Mini Ramp Contest: Advanced
1)Chris Thorn (R400)
2) Brad Balie (R250)
3) Johan du Preez (R150)
Mini Ramp Contest: Beginner
1) Alec Balie (R400)
2) Theo Setsetse (R250)
3) Bibi Hassan (R150)
November Skate Jam: Advanced
1) Theo Setsetse (R500)
2) Brad Balie (R300)
3) Jino Modise (R200)
Best Trick: Nico van Huyssteen- Impossible up Euro gap (Familia Deck)
Game of Skate
1) Theo Setsetse (Toy Machine Deck)
2) Will Jenkins (Pig Wheels)
3) Katz Morena (Reds Bearings)
Cash for Tricks Jam: Beginners
Alec Balie (R50)
Damian Bramley (R100)
LSG (R100)
Bibi Hassan (R50)
Enrique Ortell (R50)
Darren Joseph (R100)
Kegan (R50)
Cash for Tricks Jam: Advanced
Martin Kotze (R200)
Chris Thorn (R100)
Brad Balie (R150)
Christian Potas (R100)
Theo Setsetse (R200)
Gerhard Botha (R50)
Jino Modise (R200)
Kickflip Challenge
1) Jacquin Warie (Toy Machine Wheels)
2) Bibi Hassan (Act of Boredom Shirt)
High Ollie Contest
1) Chris Thorn (Pig Wheels)
2) Jaquin Warie (Act of Boredom Tee)


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