Mini All City

After the success of the All City Championships during the Maloof Money Cup, we decided to give the locals a chance and shrink the contest to a smaller scale of the same format, giving a chance to all the local skaters that did not compete in the All City. A total of eleven 3-man teams entered the Mini All City Contest in total, assuring that some shredding would soon be going down. Each team assigned one of their 3 guys to skate one of 3 sections: The tech section, the small section, and the medium section. Each skater faced a skater from another team in a head-to-head format, which was sure to raise the level of skating for the day.


There were some intense matches in the first round, but during the semifinals is when it got real! Theo Setsetse’s annihilation of the tech section along with Brad Balie’s consistent ollies down the big 4 and tailgrabs to flat over the A-Frame were just a few factors that helped Act of Boredom take out Team Sex in the semifinals. We gotta hand it to DBH of Team Sex for his ollie and kickflip down the big 4, which earned him best trick! Bloemsickle and Blue Bells duked it out in the semifinals. Blue Bells’ Nico van Huyssteen’s came in hot on the medium section, although it wasn’t enough to advance the team. It’s safe to say that Ernie took Bloem another step further with his skills on the small section.


When it came down to the finals it was Bloemsickle of Bloemfontein and Act of Boredom Clothing of Kimberley in the finals. Theo, Martin, and Brad definitely laid it down all day, and especially in the finals, but during the finals is when Bloemfontein sealed the deal and went all out. We saw Chenai go big with a crook up the 2 stair many pad, ollie over the big 4 rail, and boardslide the big 4 rail. Ernie held it down in the small section with his flawless flatbar skating including insane tricks like his 50-50 to front board. Armand closed it down on the medium section with melon grab over the rail on the A-Frame and a bs 50-50 down the 5 stair hubba.


In the end it was Bloemsickle of Bloemfontein that took R1000 while they stood in front of the champagne-stained photo backdrop that Luan Oliviera stood in front of only weeks earlier after winning the Maloof Money Cup! The smell of success (but mainly alcohol) still lurks atop the big 4 stair.


Thanks to everyone who skated along with Mario, Maurice, and Talitha for helping with judging and registration. Check the results below along with the YouTube clip and the photo gallery!



1st- Bloemsickle -R1000

-Ernie Halberg

-Chenai Gwandure

-Armand Oelofse


2nd- Act of Boredom- R600

-Martin Kotze

-Theo Setsetse

-Brad Balie


3rd- Team Sex- R400

-Dillon “DBH” Hartzenberg

-Katzz Morena

-Llewellyn Botha


Best Trick


DBH- Kickflip Big 4 Stair (Familia Deck)




Ernie Halberg (Ace Trucks)


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