Back at the ole’ grind

It’s been a week since the Maloof Plaza reopened after the Maloof Money Cup, and the locals are super stoked on the new additions to the plaza courtesy of California Skateparks, California Rampworks, and Woodie’s Ramps! Once things got settled in, we decided to jump back into the grind of our weekend events.

Friday started off with another “Vert Fridays”, and after seeing the pros kill the vert during the contest, the locals were psyched than ever to borrow some pads and practice their skills on the vert ramp. Over 20 skaters skated the ramp and got a few pointers from local experts. We even hosted a highest frontside kickturn contest to mix things up a bit, and Jacques Reynecke took it winning R300 at Thando Skate Shop!

Sunday marked the return of the local favorite, the game of skate competition. 40 locals competed head to head for a chance at some rad prizes (and bragging rights, of course!). With newcomers like Morne from Namibia and newly relocated Kimberley resident Jayden via Cape Town, things got interesting. One game, which could have easily been a semifinals or finals match, was a frist round game between funny man Will and Theo. Other heavy hitters included Katz Morena, Dylan Niemand, DBH, and Gerhard Botha. Theo, Morne, and Brad Balie were representing in the finals. In the end, Theo took out Morne with a nollie fs biggerspin. Theo Setsetse (1st place) got a new pair of trucks, courtesy of Ace Trucks. Morne (2nd place) got a Funisu deck, and Brad in 3rd came up on a new set of Enjoi wheels. The top 3 skaters also got a copy of the Plankie DVD, Ruik Die Kaas, courtesy of Plankie Skateboards.

Following the game of skate was the best trick contest on the new A-Frame obstacle. Ibrahim “Bibi” Hassan took R300 at Thando Skate Shop for 1st in the beginner’s division for a kickflip sex change over the bank. The advanced division best trick contest on the A-Frame was insane! Some standout tricks included Morne’s 180 over the rail to flat, Llewellyn Botha’s fakie 540 big spin, Theo’s tre flip off the ramp, and Brad Balie’s tailgrab to flat. DBH boardlide shuvited out down the rail along with his kickflip to flat, which earned him 1st place and R300 at Thando Skate Shop.

Thanks to all the locals for coming out for a fun weekend at the skate plaza along with Funisu Skateboards, Plankie Skateboards, Ace Trucks, and Thando Skate Shop for the support!
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