The Maloof Money Sits Down with Lizard King

Lizard King one footer to front boardslide Lizard King one footer to front boardslide Rudi Jeggle
The Maloof Money Cup sits down with one of South Africa's fan favorites Lizard King about heading out to South Africa.

How was your experience at the 2011 Maloof Money Cup in Kimberley South Africa?

Which Maloof Money CUp has been your favorite so far?

Did you feel connected to the Kimberley community?

How did it feel to have the key to the city?

How was the Kimberley opening ceremony?

Where would you like to see the next Maloof Money Cup contest take place?

What do you think of the Maloof's leaving skateparks at the new locations?

What advice do you have for young skaters who eventually want to turn pro?

Are you still inspired by the same skaters you admired when you were younger?

What new design projects now carry the stamp of "Lizard King Approved."

What was the road like during your journey to pro status?

Tell the people where they can find "the Passion!"


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