Online Contests

Teams of 4 skaters,residents of South Africa, will submit their footage online  submit your videos for your chance to win a spot comteting against the other contestants head to head and R8000!

WHO CAN COMPETE: South Africa Residents
Next All City Skateboarding Championships Contest:
Next Contest Mid 2013

Skate Video Theater Contest
Your Chance to see your video on the BIG SCREEN!!! 

Next Skate Video Theater Contest:
No longer accepting submissions

Before every Maloof Money Cup competition comes the official Design a Deck contest where fans submit their deck designs to be voted on my the general public. The design with the most votes is then mass produced for the contest and the artist is awarded a cash prize of $250.

WHO CAN COMPETE: South Africa Residents Submit Decks - Voting is Worldwide
Next Design A Deck Contest:
Spring 2013

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